lørdag 10. september 2011


I haven't been active on ravelry for ages, but now that I'm knitting again, I've visited the site more often. I was getting a lot of ravelry love, too, which is very nice. 244 people love my Little Birds Pullover, that makes me strangely giddy.

Anyhow, I don't know for how long ravelry has had the organize function. I'm guessing it's been there quite a while, but only just now I have decided to make use of it. I organised all my 130 projects into stuff for: heads, feet, shoulders, hands, stuff with sleeves. I also made some technique categories for lace and stranded colourwork, and I'm going to make one for cables as well. Ysolda designs was the last category. Yeah, 20 % of all my knittings were from Ysolda's patterns, so I guess she deserved a category of her own.

Also, recently, I got new batteries for my camera's flash - and proceeded with taking a myriad of self portraits. I did it wearing a bunch of hats, though, so I can update some of my project pictures soon. I only had 12 hats here in Trondheim, but with my ravelry organisation I can see I have made 31 (although two are bows for my hair and there is an abundance of gifts amongst the hats). Hats also had the highest completion rate, with no frogs and no hibernations. I'm guessing stuff with sleeves has the lowest completion rate; I didn't add all the frogs and hibernations to THAT one... stuff for hands was also pretty bad - 6 out of 32 were either in hibernation or frogged. That doesn't include all the mittens I have started but don't have on ravelry. It's the second sock syndrome, but with mittens.

Anyway; this was a very geeky post, and with no pictures either. The good news are, I'm almost 75 % done with the socks I'm knitting. When I complete them, I'll be 12.5 % done with my challenge, and then I'll get to decide what I'm knitting next! I'm leaning towards a pair of Selbu gloves for my older brother, even though gloves are an exercise of my patience. (But they turn out so pretty!) Also, the last time I was at my LYS, they had really, really short DPNs - they can't have been more than ten centimetres, but they appear to be ideal for that fiddly finger knitting. I might have to get a set of those!

It's nice to feel like a knitwear factory again. It's been too long. ;-)

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