onsdag 14. september 2011

Jaywalker socks

...Of course it had to be the Jaywalker socks. Truthfully, I am a very conservative sock knitter, and I prefer simple socks. I guess. My feet also tend to attack anything that traps them with malice, and a tightly knit pair of Jaywalker socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock seem to be sturdy enough.

As far as sock yarns go: I LOVE this yarn. It's great. It's soft but not fluffy, it's sturdy and the colour is gorgeous. In the past, I have been extremely unsuccessful with 100 % wool socks. Suddenly there are more holes than there is fabric, but Lorna's Laces holds up! I would say it "wears like iron", but iron doesn't wear very well (what can I say, that expression annoys me), so I'll say it wears like copper or aluminium instead. The signs of wear and tear (felting) just strengthens it. Thumbs up!

The colour is, of course, also fantastic. I have decided to keep the socks to myself, to be completely selfish. Purple items stay with me, and that's that.

Hopefully I will get some more socks for me, me, me! eventually, I will just have to raid my stash for wool/nylon blends. Right now I'm chugging along with my self-imposed challenge (which is 12.5 % completed, and I'm keeping up with it!), knitting a Wollmeise Seascape Shawl for my mother. It will be quite different from the one in the pattern, as it's fingering weight, non-fuzzy and in shades of brown. I think it will be nice, though.

Back to the socks, here is a picture:

New socks

I have found that it is a good angle for socks... the ceiling is probably the only surface in this flat that is NOT messy. Har har.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Your socks look awesome!! And I agree, up is the best angle for sock photography.

  2. jeg liker bloggen din - og aller mest space invaders mariusen som jeg fant på ravelry. Bra jobba!

  3. Mange takk! Space Invaders-Mariusen er en favoritt:)