mandag 13. februar 2012


I recently finished my Noro knock-off socks, so I thought I might show my reader(s)! I also decided to take better pictures of my newest Jaywalker socks, so there will be a bonus.

The wall in my room is perfect for socks, really. I just have to lie in bed and wave my feet in the air. An activity I quite enjoy, actually.




As I wrote in my last post, I knit these new socks with a yarn from Garnstudio called Drops Delight, and I unfortunately don't think I will buy it again. It is, sadly, too fuzzy, and a bit itchy, too uneven...quite like Noro itself, actually, nudge nudge wink wink.

HowEVER, they are pretty, and they totally enabled my friend to get the yarn and make Noro striped socks herself.

I just hope they will be the kind that felt instead of get holey.

Here they are:


As you can see I got the pooling in the right sock, but I thought the effect was quite nice. In that skein there was also a knot and a join which completely messed up the colourway. the end, though, they turned out well, and I'm happy that because I did them toe-up, I used up every last bit of the yarn. Props to me.

And here are my newest Jaywalker socks. I made them before Christmas. The toe has become a bit coloured by my shoes. They're made from my beloved Lorna's Laces - colourways Blackberry and Firefly. I quite like them - Lorna's Laces make the best socks ever!!


And now, since I'm done with my socks for now, I'm working a bit on a super green Wollmeise sweater, but I ordered yarns from the internets for the first time in forever, so I'm eagerly awaiting it. I'm quite excited about the projects, just wait and see!

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  1. both pairs of socks look awesome! !Love the pooling in the striped ones, the colours are amazing. And those longer jaywalkers are cute!