fredag 27. januar 2012

I am still knitting

Hi everyone!

As usual, I became super bad at blogging. But now I have stopped writing in my livejournal, so maybe I will use this more?

I did finish all the Christmas presents in time, and people were just head over heels with their presents, naturally. I knit a pair of jaywalker socks (REALLY!?) and now I am knitting noro striped socks in noro knockoff yarn from Drops.


This sock has since been finished, I just need to cast on for the second one!

The yarn is, of course, very pretty, but I have my doubts about its durability. Sure, it's got 25 % polyamid and is supposedly superwash, but it's just so FUZZY. It's no Lorna's laces or Opal, surely...she said, before she had even worn them.

However, the yarn was quite affordable at 30 kroner/50 grams, and starting at the toe I got a mid-calf-ish sock. With 70 stitches all the way. Will sttart the second sock soon, really! But I have serious second sock syndrome.

Anyway, it feels strangely nice to be back at uni and get some structure in my days... (also chemical structures, am I right?! Sorry..) I have new and exciting subjects that just make me so happy even though they're not that funny - but they are NOT ENGINEERING SUBJECTS !!! which is the only thing I care about. Right now.

OKay, that's all, will be back with more knitting soon, hopefully.

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