fredag 21. oktober 2011

Super-duper awesome gloves

Hello! I should in theory be updating this blog a bit more often, but THE TRUTH IS, I actually did finish something before this, and it was a stole, and it was brown. However, I haven't have an opportunity to block it, because I live in a cupboard (almost). And I can't show anything I haven't blocked (it is lace). So that is sad. I'm going home for a few days in November, so I will block it then.

Okay, so, since last time I updated, I have done lots of some fun things. In a list form:

- had sushi workshop with my lovely friends:

Also, notice Ingri's brilliant owl sweater. She made that!


Oh my god, best night EVER, it was really delicious, fun to make yourself, and we had so much leftover we had sushi at lunch at school the next day. Going to the Asia shop was an experience too.

- went to see Antony and the Johnsons and the Norwegian radio orchestra in concert, which was magical and and WOW, one of the best concerts ever. <3 Antony

- saw Knauskoret 3.33 times in concert. They are just the best (also, my little brother sings, so I'm biased.)

Anyway, except from that, I haven't really done anything, except from trying to be a good student and a (physically) stronger person.

OKAY, to the FUN STUFF, I guess, I have finished a pair of gloves, and they were surprisingly painless and fun to knit, so I'm planning to knit a whole other bunch. These have been done for a while, I have just been slow at blocking and taking pictures and all that...

They are man-mittens, but they're kind of small (ie they fit my hands perfectly), so I don't know who will get them yet (but they will be a present). The pattern is from the Rauma Selbustrikk booklet. I really like this design.

These gloves got me through a whole lot of lectures in chemical reaction engineering (ugh) and statistics AND biochemistry and distillation and whatnot, all of the newest Futurama episodes, the new Big Bang theory episodes, even a visit from my parents. It's nice to have something to do whilst you're doing nothing. Here they are:



And of course, standard mitten pose:


That's all for now! Hopefully I'll have something new to show soon.

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  1. Those gloves are definitely beautiful!! what gorgeous stranding. And that sushi looks delicious! I've always wanted to make sushi at home...